Remote SSH Shell

The OmniCenter remote SSH shell allows users logged in at the power user and above access level to remotely execute commands directly on a device. Whatever commands you can run in the device you can run in the shell.

This feature requires you to be logged in using https or it will not work and you will receive an “access forbidden” error.

The remote SSH shell is part of OmniCenter’s Config Manager, and so will work on any device that is currently having its configuration files managed by OmniCenter. To access the shell, simply navigate to the Device Dashboard of the device you would like to SSH into, and in the device menu select Reports → SSH. The shell console page will open and you will automatically be connected to the device. The session has an automatic 3-minute timeout, but you can end your session immediately using the end session button at the bottom of the page.

While on the shell console page, you can click the console session history button at the bottom of the page to get a complete history of any commands anyone has run on that device. The history can be filtered by device and/or username.

Administrators can control the use and automatic login of the remote shell on the OmniCenter system preferences page.

Updated on May 15, 2019

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