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Sites are a type of device group that organizes your managed devices based on the concept of location. A site can be a physical geographic location (such as a street address), but it can just as easily be a theoretical system of organizing your network’s equipment (such as a department or building floor).

Sites can initially be added to OmniCenter in the setup wizard during deployment, but additional sites can be added at any time. OmniCenter provides an “Unknown Site” site by default, but you can create any number of new sites to suit your organizational needs.

Every device managed by OmniCenter must belong to exactly one site. OmniCenter will attempt to automatically place newly discovered devices into sites based on their subnet (if that subnet is associated with a configured site). Any newly discovered devices that OmniCenter can’t determine a site for are placed into the “Unknown” site by default, but can be manually assigned to another site at any time.

If a site is configured with a proper street address, OmniCenter will automatically attempt to geocode the site with a latitude and longitude. This will allow OmniCenter to display the site as a map pin on any dashboard with a geographic map. (OmniCenter must be able to communicate with the external geocoding application for this to work. See OmniCenter Firewall Requirements for more information.)

If desired, automatic geocoding can be switched off for a site, and latitude and longitude settings can be entered manually to position the site’s map pin at any desired location. This is useful if no street address is available for the site (perhaps because the site is theoretical, rather than geographic).

Sites with location coordinates (however they are acquired) may also be configured to display connections with other sites (that also have coordinates). Geographic maps will then draw lines between the pins of all connected sites which can display the status of a specified threshold check (configured in the Geographic Map).

If neither a street address nor latitude and longitude settings are provided, the site will not display on the geographic map. However, it will still be fully functional in every other way within OmniCenter.

You may choose to not use sites at all for organization, if you like. However, defining a list of sites is required for the mapping features in OmniCenter to function properly. So, although this feature is optional, it’s highly recommended.

Sites are created and managed on the Site Administration page (Administration → Grouping → Site).

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Updated on February 19, 2020

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