System Backups

Only administrators can make and schedule system backups. From the main menu, select Administration → System → Backups to open the System Backups page.

Local Backups
OmniCenter can create it’s own encrypted backups of its settings and device configuration data on the local disk. (Device configuration data being how each device is configured within OmniCenter, including all configured checks and other metadata associated with a given device.) System backups cannot be restored by the customer. Only a Netreo support engineer can restore a system backup. OmniCenter maintains only the two most recent backups. Any remaining backups are deleted.

SMB Backups
Additionally, OmniCenter can be configured to upload these local backups to an SMB file sharing location for redundancy. Click the Settings button in the Upload Settings panel to configure an SMB location for OmniCenter to upload to. (This is optional, and not required to schedule local backups.) Only one SMB file share location may be specified.

The OmniCenter System Backups page, where backups can be scheduled and an SMB storage location specified.

The Upload Settings contain four fields – three are required, one is optional.

    Required. The network path to the file share location. For example: \\ecsserver261\technical_svcs_dept\serviceslist\OC\backups
    Optional (if local authentication is used on the SMB server). The Active Directory domain on which the authenticated user resides.
    Required. Username for authentication with the SMB file server.
    Required. Password for authentication with the SMB file server.

OmniCenter uses ports 135 through 139 TCP for communicating with the SMB share. So, be sure those ports are available.

Backup Schedules
OmniCenter doesn’t create any backup schedules by default, so you will have to add a schedule in order for OmniCenter to start making backups. To add a backup schedule, click the Add/Edit Schedules button in the System Backup Scheduling panel. (Despite this button’s name, you cannot edit existing schedules, you can only add new ones.) To delete a schedule, simply click its delete button.

You can also make an immediate backup by clicking the Start Backup Immediately button located at the top of the page.

If desired, local backups can be downloaded directly from the System Backups page by clicking on the backup filename in the Backup File Listing panel. Local backups can also be deleted if they are no longer useful by clicking their delete button. Deleting a local backup from the list does not delete it in the SMB file share location (if one is configured).

Amazon S3 Backups
Customers using the Netreo managed service option can have OmniCenter configured for them to additionally have these encrypted files uploaded to a secure Amazon S3 storage location (managed by Netreo) for even more redundancy. Contact Netreo support for more information about this additional backup option.

Updated on July 23, 2019

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