Topology Map

To to open the topology map for the entire network: From the main menu, select QUICK VIEWS → Map View → Topology.

The topology map displays a graphic representation of the connection hierarchy of your OmniCenter sites. Placing the mouse cursor over a site on the map displays the devices included in that site, their current status and any outstanding problems. While mousing over a device displays its current status. Mouse over a connecting line to highlight that connection (arrowheads on the connecting lines always point to the parent device).

The topology map page shows the site topology of your entire network visually.

Clicking and dragging on an empty area of the map repositions the map. Site nodes can be clicked to open the “Topology” tab of the Site dashboard for that site. Device nodes can be clicked to open the “Topology” tab of the Device Dashboard for that device. Controls in the top left of the map allow you to zoom in and out.

Topology maps can be drawn with the parents either at the top or at the bottom of the map. This option can be changed in the OmniCenter system preferences. Whichever display option is chosen is the way all topology maps will be drawn.

The “site” icon for the topology map.

All of the topology maps use the device icons assigned to each device in Polling Administration to represent the various device types on the map. Sites have their own icon shown at right.

Map nodes with problems will display a ring around their icon that changes color to reflect the worst status of any of its members. While host-down conditions cause a red background to be displayed. A node with no problems will display green. This allows a very quick assessment of the entire network, or whichever part of the network is currently being viewed.

Updated on December 10, 2019

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