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OmniCenter 12.2.6

Release Date: May 13, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.6 is now available with the following changes:

Feature Improvements

  • [OC-2422] – Add ability to manually run an Autopilot model
  • [OC-2592] – Add dropdown option to WebART Administration (Add/Edit view)
  • [OC-2593] – Add dropdown option to EmailART Administration (Add/Edit view)

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-1970] – Remote service engine snmp trap not getting written to DB and not showing in OC UI when doing snmp/log search receiving internal error
  • [OC-2098] – Synthetic Polling Metrics are Breaking
  • [OC-2183] – Macro {OUTPUT} messes up the URL of the WebART Check synthetic
  • [OC-2275] – Overview Cloud Alert Template installation
  • [OC-2286] – Getting an error when trying to edit a interface service check from the device dashboard.
  • [OC-2288] – Device Grouping Summarization Does not Work
  • [OC-2295] – Autopilot : Action taken message is wrong when fixing a device type.
  • [OC-2296] – Inventory Report data Changes on Execution
  • [OC-2309] – ‘Functional groups’ are not shown on the template admin page
  • [OC-2319] – {THRESHVALUE} macro Populating String RECOVERY
  • [OC-2323] – Getting an unkown property – internal error when using any of the search fields on the configuration push page
  • [OC-2324] – Configuration push page status and user columns is not ascend/descend sorting
  • [OC-2325] – Advanced Reporting – Users can only specify 1 devices when creating a report using a report template with the Per Device Performance widget
  • [OC-2326] – ‘Functional groups’ are shown in the tactical overview
  • [OC-2327] – When creating a strategic group, neither the FG or BW buttons are checked by default
  • [OC-2329] – Custom reports list isn’t sorted
  • [OC-2334] – Custom Dashboard Business Workflow widget allows you to select disabled groups
  • [OC-2335] – Editing a strategic group (enable/disable) on the admin page resets the display
  • [OC-2337] – Custom Dashboard: Flow widget missing device name
  • [OC-2341] – Custom report with a section containing top talker report with no data breaks the HTML version of the report
  • [OC-2342] – RegEx match is failing to grab the String response correctly
  • [OC-2343] – Fix For AIOps: Autopilot Finding Sources Long Page Load
  • [OC-2351] – Device dashboard reports drop down changes drastically depending on what device page you are viewing
  • [OC-2354] – Cisco IOS switch type has router icon set by default
  • [OC-2356] – Fix for Service Engine Status Check Failing When processes are running
  • [OC-2378] – Configuration management rule execution logs in and runs term-length 0 and then exits when no actions defined in rule
  • [OC-2388] – Authentication Service Checks Triggering Errorneously
  • [OC-2393] – CSV output of inventory report adding other devices serial numbers to device that do not have a serial number
  • [OC-2406] – Linux Redhat 7/Net-SNMP-w-buffer device type to have Same personality dashboard as Linux Net-SNMP Device Type
  • [OC-2415] – Pollmaster stops intermittently
  • [OC-2419] – Certain statistical groups may result in an incorrectly scaled Top Talkers report
  • [OC-2424] – Fix for RESTful device import API making unnecessary changes
  • [OC-2434] – User name is appended with value of domain while adding manual device.
  • [OC-2436] – Forbidden 403 error when using slide view with permission level less than Admin
  • [OC-2437] – Detailed notification log report does not display results when filtering notification type to Config Manager
  • [OC-2440] – Some OC Built reports take way longer
  • [OC-2444] – Fix for Config Manger retrieval injected ‘exit’ command randomly into running config output
  • [OC-2446] – Maint window admin uses wrong icon for “edit”
  • [OC-2447] – VeloCloud Edge device poller takes too long to time out.
  • [OC-2454] – Unable to create bandwidth analysis reports on VCE devices
  • [OC-2457] – Sorting in report tables is not sorting the values correctly – Bandwidth Analysis as an example
  • [OC-2463] – Fix for Unknown Property error when performing a config push
  • [OC-2466] – Error while trying to add Service Engine server to Netreo cloud
  • [OC-2467] – Fix for OTC Collectors writing in 0’s for “Flows Written”
  • [OC-2469] – Drop down of service check should be netreo service check instead of omnicenter
  • [OC-2484] – Not giving proper error while upload wrong format file to import device.
  • [OC-2486] – Business Workflow dashboard graphics show grey instead of red for impacted status
  • [OC-2514] – Manual Device Discovery page navigation after getting error
  • [OC-2515] – Template – Adding Service Check fails.
  • [OC-2520] – OmniCenter Audio alert: Internal server error
  • [OC-2529] – Fix for increased root partition usage by debug logs
  • [OC-2535] – Allow user to access software update page without valid license – Service Engine
  • [OC-2539] – Citizen – Dashboard Zoom tag not displaying for multiple device types
  • [OC-2553] – Manual add device- UI issue
  • [OC-2558] – OC system page results in a “OmniCenter Error 404 – Document Not Found”
  • [OC-2565] – SBB: Fixing missing data points for devices polled thru Service Engines
  • [OC-2570] – Search results page returns an error when trying to go to ‘edit’ link on a category
  • [OC-2571] – SNMPv3 passwords not morphed
  • [OC-2578] – Category Dashboard- Search field removed, Column sort removed
  • [OC-2579] – CSV Inventory report is different when generated through builtin report compared to when it is emailed from a custom report.
  • [OC-2588] – Getting error when edit the strategy dashboard
  • [OC-2626] – Not getting Performance and Overview data for Windows.
  • [OC-2635] – Strategic Group Admin Page UI elements are not proper.

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.