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OmniCenter 12 Release Notes

The current major release of OmniCenter is version 12. Older versions of OmniCenter are no longer supported, except for critical bug fixes.

Update History and Release Notes

Software Release Process

Netreo is continually improving our OmniCenter product in response to customer feedback and our own internal quality processes. Updates to the product are released as major version upgrades, minor version updates and maintenance updates.

Major versions are released approximately yearly, and include potentially large scale changes in how OmniCenter works and what it is capable of.

Minor versions are dedicated to introducing new functionality, and are released as work is completed on groups of new feature sets. The previous minor version will still be supported with its own maintenance releases.

Maintenance releases are produced on a continuous schedule, and focus on resolving critical customer issues.

Minor and maintenance release numbers always begin at zero (0).

Deprecated release tracks

As of version 12, OmniCenter no longer uses the “Stable” and “Early Features” release tracks. OmniCenter version numbers now consist of a three-part number that designates a major version, minor version and maintenance release version.

OmniCenter Version Numbers

OmniCenter version numbers consist of three parts, as shown in the table below.

Major Release Number Minor Release Number Maintenance Release Number
12 .0 .1

Many minor issues can be resolved by updating to the most current version of OmniCenter.

How to Find Your Version Number

Major Release Version Number
The quickest way to see which major version of OmniCenter you have is to look at the quick-access icon group in the top right corner of the OmniCenter UI.

The release track icon will display which major version you are currently on.

The release track icon only displays the major version number, not the minor or maintenance release version numbers. See below for how to find the full version number.

If this icon shows a letter instead of a number, you are on an unsupported version of OmniCenter and should consider upgrading. Upgrading to the latest release of OmniCenter is always free.

Full Version Number
To see the full version number for your OmniCenter, select Administration → System → Diagnostics from the main menu to open the System Diagnostics page. Find the Software Version panel to see the full version number.