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Welcome to the OmniCenter mobile FAQ page.


  • How are mobile notifications generated in OmniCenter?
    Mobile alert notifications are generated by “actions” in OmniCenter. When an OmniCenter administrator creates a new action group to assign to an OmniCenter check, methods must be added to the actions in the action group for sending alert notifications. The possible alert notification types that can be added to an action are:

    • Email
    • SMS text (via email)
    • Mobile
    The administrator will need to include the mobile alert method type in the action for mobile alert notification to be sent out when an OmniCenter check generates an alarm. Please see the documentation for your version of OmniCenter for more information on action groups, actions and methods.
  • Can I include a comment when acknowledging/de-acknowledging and incident through the app?
    No. At the moment, comments cannot be included when acknowledging/de-acknowledging incidents through the mobile application.
  • What does the HA icon on the app home screen represent?
    If you have multiple OmniCenter appliances deployed in a high availability (HA) configuration, this icon shows you the current status of your HA cluster.
  • Is there any functional difference between the Android and Apple version of the OmniCenter mobile app?
    No. The two versions are functionally identical. Android devices may have a "hard" back button, but that is device specific and unrelated to OmniCenter.


  • As an OmniCenter administrator, how do I revoke a users ability to use the OmniCenter mobile app?
    A user must have an OmniCenter web user account and web access to OmniCenter to be able to log in to the mobile application.

    Deleting a user’s web user account (either locally or through Active Directory) will prevent the user from being able to log back in to the mobile application through OmniCenter.

    Deleting that user’s Netreo cloud user account will then automatically eject the user from the mobile application. Without a web user account, that user would be unable to log back in.

    Cloud user accounts are managed on the Cloud Services Dashboard in the OmniCenter appliance (Administrator → System → Cloud Services).
  • Does the OmniCenter mobile application respect user partitions?
    Currently, OmniCenter user partitions are functional for all elements but incidents. In the next update, they will be fully functional.