Incidents Screen

The Incidents screen displays a list of all active incidents in OmniCenter. (An “active” incident is any incident that is not in the CLOSED state. Please see the Incident entry in the documentation for your version of OmniCenter for more information.)

If you would like to see this list filtered by incident state (OPEN, ACKNOWLEDGED, ALARMS CLEARED), the Incidents screen must be opened from the Overview screen by touching one of the colored active incident state indicators in the Active Incidents widget. This will open the Incidents screen and show only active incidents in that state.

The top of the list displays the total number of active incidents in each incident state as well as any filtering currently applied to the list.

Each incident in the list displays the following:

  • Incident Description
    Typically includes the incident type and the name of the primary device being affected.
  • Incident ID
    Every incident is assigned a unique incident ID. This is useful for searching for an incident in OmniCenter.
  • Incident Type
    Generally, the type of OmniCenter check that created the incident (host, service, threshold, etc.).
  • Current Incident State
    The incident state that the incident is currently in (OPEN, ACKNOWLEDGED, ALARMS CLEARED). Not to be confused with the alarm state of an OmniCenter check (CRITICAL, WARNING, UNKNOWN, etc.).
  • Duration
    The length of time since this incident was first opened.
An incident in the list showing the above information.

Touching an incident in the list opens its Incident View screen, where you can see more detail about that incident and acknowledge/de-acknowledge it.

Touching the three horizontal bars to the left of the screen title opens the navigation menu, allowing you to jump straight to the primary screens of the application:

This menu is available from any of those screens.

Updated on February 28, 2019

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