Netreo SaaS (03-25-2021)

Update: March 25, 2021

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • [IM-14] – Allow negative numbers in the Netreo UI
  • [IM-23] – Add Business workflow widget to Business Workflow Dashboards
  • [IM-36] – Password complexity requirement
  • [IM-231] – Add device subtype as parameter for new_device_api
  • [IM-233] – New S3 Device Dashboard Personality
  • [IM-240] – Active Response Action Support for Netreo Cloud Systems
  • [IM-326] – Change Documentation to Attributes
  • [IM-337] – Add logic to set default value during the first service engine addition process
  • [IM-238] – Remote Agent Administration (Cloud)

Issues Resolved

  • [IM-42] – Service Engine Disk / partition getting fully utilized
  • [IM-43] – Rename legacy configuration push tool to “simple configuration push” and the “configuration push tool” to “advanced configuration push”
  • [IM-44] – M365 Rev2: UI Map Label Change
  • [IM-45] – Device Export Sheet shows an “Internal Server Error Occurred” Message
  • [IM-46] – Incident management administration – incident management rule doesn’t work
  • [IM-74] – New Netreo Cloud tenant doesn’t have the latest code on it
  • [IM-93] – License update should set PIN and Customer values in Redis
  • [IM-115] – Update User Auth settings page “e.g” to “i.e.,” and “Ad Group Name” to “AD Group Name”.
  • [IM-116] – Regenerate Parenting shows error when click Yes
  • [IM-136] – Device attribute poller not working for device types not in vendor list
  • [IM-139] – User is unable to log in
  • [IM-163] – Adding vCenter with ROC is not getting reflected in Device admin page.
  • [IM-164] – SAML : Unable to login if user switch from Local User to SAML.
  • [IM-165] – Interface tags administration does not applied tags to interfaces correctly
  • [IM-166] – Administration–>Change Devices sub menu does not contain ‘Reassign Device Types’ and ‘Edit Device Types/subtypes’ options
  • [IM-167] – Page heading is “SAML Administration” for User Authentication.
  • [IM-168] – Getting “404 Page not found.” on from Netreo Cloud Initialization Wizard
  • [IM-198] – Getting “A device with that IP Address already exists” when tried to add a SE with different Resource Types
  • [IM-228] – BW utilization Widget on dashboards showing incorrect utilization% on Interfaces
  • [IM-229] – Remove el6 from release version “26.el6” .
  • [IM-232] – Maintenance windows can be created that have no start/end time
  • [IM-234] – WebART Admin view source exposes customer passwords in clear text
  • [IM-235] – Power users have admin access to webART checks
  • [IM-236] – Cloud monitoring administration exposes AWS secret key ID
  • [IM-237] – Interfaces is reporting erroneous bandwidth readings
  • [IM-241] – Custom report section order not retained
  • [IM-245] – Not getting stats from Remote Agent.
  • [IM-286] – Cloud- Advance Report- View PDF is not showing data for volume change leader.
  • [IM-287] – crashes InfluxDB when querying large number of instances
  • [IM-298] – Not added UTC time zone on startup wizard page.
  • [IM-307] – Cloud- Not getting lock the account.
  • [IM-308] – Remote Agent- Not showing performance metrics.
  • [IM-319] – Incident Manager Webhook action stopped working after Redis restarted
  • [IM-324] – Service Now: ITSM State is not updating
  • [IM-347] – Incident Acknowledgment Notifications are not being Sent
  • [IM-348] – BW Utilization False Positive Thresholds
  • [IM-350] – License admin page show db error when user update license
  • [IM-354] – {get_device_doc_value(“{DEVICE_DOCUMENTATION}”,”KEY_NAME”)} macro outputs response incorrectly
  • [IM-355] – Replace Incident Manager SQL to use timezone environment variable for dates
  • [IM-356] – Updating Devices using “Device Import” breaks Category, site, poll, monitor, Use Template when columns are left Empty – Netreo Cloud
  • [IM-359] – UCI is getting a database error when attempting to run the “Threshold History” report on a category with 6000+ devices. Also seen on SBB with 3000+ devices.
  • [IM-373] – Device Attribute Pair Mass Editing tool menu is not available support for Cloud
  • [IM-384] – When using dark mode values displayed when hovering over histogram are ineligible
  • [IM-385] – Mass selection not working for Device Attribute (all).

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