OmniCenter minor version release 0.261 is now available with the following changes:

  • New Feature: Restful API access to OmniCenter’s audit log. Available retrieval options: previous 1 hour, previous 24 hours and previous 7 days.
  • Fixed a bug causing strategic groups that were disabled or contain no devices to be displayed in dashboards anyway.
  • Fixed a bug that caused threshold check descriptions to not be updated after a device was renamed.
  • Fixed a UI error where a device subtype’s related device types were being displayed as related subtypes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented log searches from returning results when using a remote OmniCenter Log Collector (OLC).
  • Dramatic performance improvements to dashboard widget load times.

Customers are able to update their systems by using the Administration → System → Updates main menu item, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.

Release Date: Aug. 7, 2018