Release Date: Dec. 24, 2018

OmniCenter minor version release 0.4.21 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Config Manager performance issue that would cause Config Manager to hang under certain circumstances.
  • Fix a bug in Config Manager support for Cisco wireless controllers.
  • Free/Used labels for Disk Space are now properly displayed in Top Talkers report tables for Linux servers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Traffic dashboard widget to break when using a remote OmniCenter Traffic Collector.
  • Fixed a bug where the IP address of the tunnel used to provide live data to the mobile app would not be deleted from the cloud when the Live Data cloud preferences setting was turned off. This caused errors in the live data display on the mobile app because the app still believed it should be receiving data.

OmniCenter Mobile Application

  • Fixed a bug preventing access to histograms for multi-instance statistics.
  • Interface data is now properly displayed on the device performance page.
  • If the Live Data cloud preferences setting in OmniCenter is turned off, preventing the mobile application from receiving live data, the message displayed in the mobile app is now more helpful and indicates that this setting must be turned on.

Please remember to update both your OmniCenter and mobile application software.

Customers are able to update their systems by using the Administration System Updates main menu item, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.