Release Date: Mar. 19, 2019

OmniCenter minor version release 0.5.190 is now available with the following changes:

Feature Improvements

  • Incidents listed in the SearchView tab of the Incident Dashboard now include the same right-click functionality as the ActiveView (open in new tab/window, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the tactical overview to show a category or device as being in a one-time maintenance window if such a window containing that category/device were to be deleted before it was scheduled to start.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect “Devices In Use” counts on the Devices & Groupings Administration page if WebART checks are configured.
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of backend files when renaming a device.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all interfaces listed on the Overview tab of the Device Dashboard to show no information under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an additional maintenance window log to be created if a reoccurring maintenance window schedule was edited after its log had already been created.
  • Restored old incident macro behavior for OUTPUT macro. The macro now outputs both the “Manual action initiated by $user.” phrase and the original OUTPUT message.
  • Fixed a bug in the creation of custom reports that would allow special characters (other than dash “-” and underscore “_”) in the custom report name, causing the report to break.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause WebART checks to break if TLS is updated to version 1.2.
  • Fixed broken device links in the “In Use” dialogs of action groups on the Actions Administration page.
  • Fixed a bug in the Percentile Report UI that causes custom time frames to display incorrectly in the report.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the custom map dashboard widget to fail to display its map properly when a dashboard is first opened.

Customers are able to update their systems by using the Administration System Updates main menu item, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.