OmniCenter 12.0 Initial Features List

The following new features will ship in the initial public release of OmniCenter 12. Additional features will be added as minor version releases progress.

Business Workflow and Functional Group Support in Strategic Groups
The use of strategic groups for monitoring and reporting has been separated from their administrative function of selecting devices for administrative tasks (such as maintenance windows).

Business workflows now provide device organization for dashboard displays and reporting, while functional groups provide device organization for the administration of maintenance windows, device template options and global device administrative changes.

Remote Polling Support for OmniCenter Service Engines
Separate per-site polling through a single port. Deploy an OmniCenter service engine appliance configured for remote polling behind the firewall of each of your secure sites. Your main OmniCenter need only retrieve the collected data from the new service engine through an https connection.

Full API Support
OmniCenter now offers full RESTful API support for retrieving performance data for hosts, strategic groups, and web and email applications.

Extensible Event Log Collection
OmniCenter event log retrieval has been completely rewritten to allow new event log pollers to be easily added to OmniCenter as new products and new requirements come into existence.

Multi-group Active Directory Support
OmniCenter now supports multiple Active Directory groups, allowing automatic elevation of privileges by moving a user from one group to another.

Serial Number Inventory Reports for Stacked Switches
Switch stacks, while still managed as a single entity in OmniCenter, now also provide detailed information about the individual switches in each stack.

Complete Support for All Credentials Encrypted at Rest
All credentials are encrypted while at rest in OmniCenter.

Streamlined Administrative Tools Interface
Previously in OmniCenter, device administration was spread across multiple pages. Now, all device administration functions have been brought together in one place and fully integrated into the administrative side of the Device Dashboard. Additionally, the category and site administration have been redesigned to be more consistent with each other and follow a unified workflow.