OmniCenter 12.1.0

Release Date: Aug. 12, 2019

OmniCenter minor version release 12.1.0 is now available with the following changes:

New Features

  • Devices & Groupings Administration dashboard replaced with new administrative device management tools that visually depict the entire onboarding and management process.
    • Device Management dashboard – Monitor the whole discovery process from IP detection to fully managed device.
    • Interrogation dashboard – See how IP addresses are being processed after discovery.
    • Devices Under Management dashboard – Displays detailed information about devices as it relates to device administration in OmniCenter (hosts up, polling, sending traffic flows or logs, etc.) organized by device group type.
    • Disabled Devices dashboard – View and manage all disabled devices from a single location.
  • Added support for overriding locked threshold check settings controlled by device templates on a per-device basis. Includes a new unlocked threshold report to provide a list of overridden threshold settings and the devices they belong to.
  • Added support for applying device templates to functional groups as part of the device template hierarchy.
  • Added support for user-controlled scheduling of automatic software updates.
  • Added support for downloadable offline software updates.
  • Added support for automatic software update synchronization between connected OmniCenters (including high availability deployments and service engines). Updating one updates them all.
  • Added support for discovery/onboarding of devices managed by ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Added support for independent speed settings for inbound and outbound interfaces.
  • Added support for user-controlled toggling of OmniCenter features. Now administrators can switch off features they don’t use to improve performance.
  • Added support for bidirectional communication options for the remote poller service engine (RPE). Remote pollers can now be set to publish their data to the connected OmniCenter, rather than responding to requests from it. This allows a remote poller to be placed into secure areas to which OmniCenter may not have access.
  • An OmniCenter appliance can now simultaneously function as both an OmniCenter Overview server and a normal OmniCenter that can monitor devices. Previously, you had to choose between the two.
    • OmniCenter Overview can now download objects from the Netreo cloud library.
    • Added new device dashboards for VMware vCenter, virtual host and virtual cluster to OmniCenter Overview.
  • Added a Call Manager test page to ensure that OmniCenter is correctly communicating with your Cisco Call Manager.
  • Added a polling debug test to the device administration dashboard that allows an administrator to check if OmniCenter is correctly communicating with the device for polling purposes.
  • Added a viewable log of hardware changes for a specific managed device IP address (for example, reconfiguring a stacked switch).
  • New API to search for managed devices within OmniCenter.

Feature Improvements

  • Improved Service Engine Administration dashboard providing more information and management options.
    • Service engines are now managed devices in OmniCenter.
    • Service engines are now assigned per-device, instead of per-site.
    • Devices can now be assigned to service engines using autoconfiguration rules.
  • OmniCenter high availability slave appliances now include a fully functional user interface.
  • The Top Talkers report now includes an option to display a trend line on the report graph.

Customers are able to update their systems by using the Administration System Updates main menu item, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.