OmniCenter 12.2.10

Release Date: July 15, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.10 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-2179] – failed to load PDF error when trying to preview custom report containing inventory report as PDF
  • [OC-2194] – Cisco Configuration Save Alert Check Has timeout problems
  • [OC-2310] – CMDB api call is limit to a return of 15k devices
  • [OC-2328] – When creating a schedule for a custom report, the ‘enable’ button is not checked by default
  • [OC-2330] – Configuration manager breaks when it runs on the slave
  • [OC-2349] – Menu Software update button doesn’t work consistently
  • [OC-2353] – Fix for uninitialized value in certain cases for complete debugging tool
  • [OC-2461] – Incident Management Rule Order Broken
  • [OC-2587] – List of Category and Action groups not sorted alphabetically
  • [OC-2609] – Sub-type configuration page drop down menu for template not sorting alphabetically
  • [OC-2610] – Adding new custom dashboard dumps the user back to admin page
  • [OC-2631] – Improve config manager authentication failure report
  • [OC-2660] – Custom Dashboard : Save button disappeared
  • [OC-2664] – Drop Down Item for Sensitivity in Anomaly configuration not rendering correctly
  • [OC-2665] – Anomaly Checks Don’t Show in “Threshold History” Report
  • [OC-2666] – Business Workflow Health Points not calculated Correctly
  • [OC-2689] – Business Workflow Overview Widget settings Wiped
  • [OC-2697] – Fix for error when using a remote reflector in a WebART
  • [OC-2750] – AIops: Activity Log is empty.
  • [OC-2767] – Global threshold configuration requires both a “warning” and “critical” variable to apply the threshold
  • [OC-2850] – Fix gaps for 1-minute polling interfaces
  • [OC-2859] – Alerting Threshold macro Populating 0 in recovery notifications and in incident history log
  • [OC-2861] – Service Checks not being applied though Templates
  • [OC-2889] – Custom DB[All]- Divider length going out of page
  • [OC-2894] – Memory tab shows “Process Utilization by Process” instead of “Memory Utilization by Process”
  • [OC-2895] – Business_Workflow_Health- Data mismatch in PDF and CSV file.
  • [OC-2919] – “Log-in Validation” in WebART Administration puts in extra backslashes
  • [OC-2923] – System Log search_View PDF_issue
  • [OC-2925] – Configuration management rules are not running when configuration capture occurs
  • [OC-2928] – Removing a device from one strategic group deletes it from all strategic groups
  • [OC-2934] – Attempting to set an NTP server via the web page results in a SQL error that exposes database schema
  • [OC-2936] – Compliance Report Needs to Log Exceptions Even When There is No Action to be taken
  • [OC-2946] – Version and Last update info not getting updated in SE administration page.
  • [OC-2955] – Config management calendar view not populating configuration changes
  • [OC-2980] – Recovery value under threshold column history log should have comparator (>=, etc)
  • [OC-2996] – Map Clustering: Mouseover on Cluster marker
  • [OC-2997] – Device Polling: No interfaces & Perf data showing up
  • [OC-2999] – Netflow stopped working
  • [OC-3004] – NOC View is not working after auto refresh
  • [OC-3005] – M365 status checks go ‘black’ when acknowledged
  • [OC-3015] – GCP guest discovery doesn’t work
  • [OC-3023] – Migrating Netflow Application Definitions from existing OTC Service Engine
  • [OC-3028] – “DataTables warning: table id=service-engines – Ajax error…” in Service Engine Admin page
  • [OC-3029] – HA Slave is not reachable after upgraded to 12.2.10 in Three-node cluster setup.

Feature Updates

  • [OC-2791] – Meraki Administration Enhancements
  • [OC-2806] – Map clustering
  • [OC-2544] – Update column from status to license
  • [OC-2545] – Update time of status check column to time of last log message
  • [OC-2795] – Add logic to check new flags before discovering new device types in Meraki discovery
  • [OC-2798] – Create new device types for Meraki

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.