OmniCenter 12.2.12

Release Date: Aug. 12, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.12 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-2152] – Incident Management rules are not updated on HA Slave
  • [OC-2658] – In HA-Slave, “Click to goto Omnicenter Master” is not redirecting to Master.
  • [OC-2717] – Alert message shows “Microsoft 365 credentials updated. Synthetic Email Check preferences updated. ” instead of specific to section.
  • [OC-2741] – Netreo takes more than 14 seconds to load the Service Engine administration page.
  • [OC-2790] – M365: Response time checks appear to be rounding data
  • [OC-2826] – Fix for Incident Management Rule Not Filtering on Category
  • [OC-2828] – After removing the office 365 authenticated smtp relay configuration from OC, email is still being sent from the address used in the configuration
  • [OC-2863] – Web ART time in state report problems
  • [OC-2911] – Import/Export Devices page shows “Update data” as selectable when hovering a mouse over it but is not actually clickable
  • [OC-2924] – Incident Overview page Layout Broken in Mozilla Firefox
  • [OC-2970] – Uptime report default behavior – detailed uptime report
  • [OC-3009] – Incident state report shows site ID instead of site name
  • [OC-3014] – Azure polling is not working
  • [OC-3020] – M365: Dashboard “Big” response time number be averaged over the same time that the threshold is set to
  • [OC-3022] – M365: Add Basic Reporting and Log Visibility
  • [OC-3024] – M365: Microsoft 365 Insight Dashboard Needs the Refresh Timer Added
  • [OC-3025] – M365: No way to set the “total transaction time” for an M365 synthetic email check
  • [OC-3036] – Incident Manager crashes when alarm macros become undefined
  • [OC-3037] – Virtualization module should use learnt name as device name key
  • [OC-3056] – Arbitrary Instance menu item fails for non-admin users
  • [OC-3058] – Fix for bulk silverpeak API polling failing
  • [OC-3061] – Legacy Devices not going into Maintenance Window
  • [OC-3064] – OmniCenter producing AJAX error’s when visiting pages
  • [OC-3094] – Configuration manager/Compliance report problems.
  • [OC-3136] – Report- Business Workflow Incidents –> No message if no record found
  • [OC-3142] – Configuration push upload ‘command’ spelling wrong when viewing the detail by clicking the eye frame.
  • [OC-3146] – Update config manager calendar view not to show command for rule exceptions
  • [OC-3157] – Fix for M365 timezone offset handling
  • [OC-3163] – Error when loading WMI service WIzard page
  • [OC-3175] – Config Manager: Getting ‘An internal server error occurred.’
  • [OC-3176] – Active Incidents: Getting ‘An internal server error occurred.’
  • [OC-3194] – Updated Tooltip as per OC-2985 for “Change in Meraki Admin UI to *allow* no items to be selected”
  • [OC-3198] – Update “microsoft 265” to “microsoft 365” in report notes.
  • [OC-3201] – M365: Status is showing grey check mark when authentication failed
  • [OC-3204] – Notification Summary for Microsoft 365 is shown as “Notification Summary on Unknown Grouping…”

Feature Updates

  • [OC-2824] – Device Dashboard should use Win32_PerfRawData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk to display disk utilization
  • [OC-2950] – Linux RedHat7/Net-SNMP Memory Utilization Poller
  • [OC-2951] – Linux RedHat7/Net-SNMP Memory Usage Poller
  • [OC-2815] – AWS Poller – RDS
  • [OC-2908] – Enhance ServiceNow ticket attributes
  • [OC-2985] – Change Meraki Admin UI to *allow* no items to be selected
  • [OC-2991] – ServiceNow Incident UI update
  • [OC-3002] – Add ITSM integration feature toggle
  • [OC-3003] – Incident API to support Update method
  • [OC-3017] – Improve upon datatree admin
  • [OC-3035] – Handle Servicenow responses with array of JSON’s format
  • [OC-3046] – Add M365 as a widget for custom dashboard
  • [OC-3047] – Add poll time to device resources

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.