OmniCenter 12.2.14

Release Date: Sept. 14, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.14 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-1532] – Check UDP Port service check does not function with Hostname
  • [OC-2719] – OmniCenter adds additional “\” to Service Check fields
  • [OC-2827] – Tactical overview summary count is incorrect
  • [OC-2836] – Re-notify Interval incorrect in Incident Page
  • [OC-2837] – Netreo system interface histogram from diagnostic page is showing gaps for Recv/Xmit but there is traffic present
  • [OC-2838] – Inconsistency with message showing “Generating Report Please wait” for all report
  • [OC-2940] – Netreo shows status (OK) and output (Unknown) are wrong for SNMP check when device was unreachable.
  • [OC-2976] – Add a package for a Service to Function
  • [OC-3000] – Remove “Disable 1 Min” polling option for 10 GB above interfaces
  • [OC-3021] – M365: Split Status into Status and Availability on main dashboard.
  • [OC-3059] – Update candidate engine to NOT add device from exclusion list
  • [OC-3090] – SCOM poller not working as expected
  • [OC-3141] – SNMP test tool does not work
  • [OC-3144] – Configuration push upload schedule showing complete 5 minutes before scheduled time
  • [OC-3151] – Fix for Meraki Discovery
  • [OC-3163] – Error when loading WMI service WIzard page
  • [OC-3179] – Service Engine Status Check Too Sensitive
  • [OC-3192] – Needs to interrogate AWS devices in Candidate Engine
  • [OC-3205] – One Time Maintenance Window: Duplicate Device entry
  • [OC-3213] – Show Empty Time Slot gives “Netreo Error 404” in “Device Admin -> Config Manager -> Time view”.
  • [OC-3221] – WebART Reflector checks don’t work
  • [OC-3248] – Web Apps page is not loading, getting internal server error
  • [OC-3252] – “Add Custom Synthetic Check page” is empty for Email and WebApp.
  • [OC-3264] – HA RRD syncing problems
  • [OC-3266] – DB Error on Active Incident’s WebPage
  • [OC-3278] – Aggregate Business workflow calculations fail if a workflow is in maintenance
  • [OC-3281] – Cannot edit an available monitor command
  • [OC-3314] – AWS discovery not working.
  • [OC-3315] – Subnet scanned devices are getting “AWS EC2 instance” as Subtype.
  • [OC-3316] – Updating Threshold values in template is not getting pushed to devices.

Feature Updates

  • [OC-3186] – Service Engine User Administration
  • [OC-2606] – Update subnet scanning to use new interrogating function
  • [OC-3072] – Update NOC view map to use new map clustering
  • [OC-3153] – Add ability to set business workflow filter for geographic map in custom dashboard
  • [OC-3159] – ServiceNow application needs two new configurations
  • [OC-3166] – M365: Split Status into Status and Availability on main dashboard.
  • [OC-3167] – Xmedius Fax Poller
  • [OC-3178] – Troubleshooting/debug tools: WMI (Enable test WMI menu item from device dashboard)
  • [OC-3180] – Troubleshooting/debug tools: WMI – /usr/local/bin/execute_wql needs to use websocket
  • [OC-3181] – New script to reboot service engine – reboot_system
  • [OC-3182] – New script – test_netreo_connectivity
  • [OC-3183] – Add logic to /usr/local/bin/execute_wql to handle optional –type options are wmi or powershell
  • [OC-3185] – Add Complete Debug Polling menu item – device dashboard
  • [OC-3189] – Update reachtool.php to call new script to PING device
  • [OC-3190] – Update reachtool.php to call new script for traceroute process
  • [OC-3199] – Only allow user to view sys diagnostic or password change page on remote collector / SE
  • [OC-3247] – Show additional stats to system diagnostic page – Remote Collector / SE
  • [OC-3282] – Update M365 Storage/Users Activity to use max value for last 36 hours
  • [OC-2865] – Netapp Filer API Poller
  • [OC-3038] – SBB – add poller for seeing what percentage of configured max connections is being used, to the Checkpoint VSX subtype

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.