OmniCenter 12.2.15

Release Date: Sept. 23, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.15 is now available with the following changes:

During the update process there will be an expected brief system downtime (approx. 30 secs) while a PHP module is upgraded.

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-2646] – Page refresh on HA configuration page triggers “Initialize HA process”
  • [OC-2686] – Enble threshold issue – Showing active on Device admin page.
  • [OC-2707] – Issue with back button on device admin page.
  • [OC-2708] – Fix for incorrect sorting order in summary BW by tag report
  • [OC-2732] – AD authentication for Slave OC Login fails on Certificate validation
  • [OC-2734] – Device under management page showing a device is sending flow when it is not actually sending flows to Netreo
  • [OC-2742] – “null” Device Names in Loggers for OTC.
  • [OC-2769] – Zoom function not working for Velcloud VCEs in the interface bandwidth histograms
  • [OC-2785] – Deleting the HA config from the UI does not Remove HA fully
  • [OC-2816] – WMI Windows device CPU per process showing greater then 100% when viewing performance histogram
  • [OC-2822] – Limit clickable Objects on Incidents Page
  • [OC-2870] – M365: Storage Utilization horizontal bar chart legend to have human readable values
  • [OC-2873] – M365: Color scheme change for Active Users v. Inactive users on vertical bar chart
  • [OC-2912] – comparator character is changed in the Check Powershell by Query Service check when applied by a template.
  • [OC-2929] – Performance Reports does not display Graph title
  • [OC-2944] – Custom Dashboard: Bandwidth widget is always sorted alphabetically by interface description, even if that is not the displayed name
  • [OC-2947] – Remove Breakdown of license Usage from Netreo license info page
  • [OC-2948] – Remove Lite Devices Current / Licensed from License info
  • [OC-2982] – Fix for missing zoom button in topology maps
  • [OC-3001] – Need new color palette for Top talkers bar chart
  • [OC-3007] – AIOPS autopilot summary page difficult to read when using dark mode
  • [OC-3013] – Bandwidth analysis report – Not showing speed column for the CSV file.
  • [OC-3041] – Custom Dashboards: Duplicat geo map widgets
  • [OC-3042] – Custom Dashboards: Top talkers widgets in narrow columns are unacceptably large
  • [OC-3043] – Custom Dashboards: Top talker widgets set to ‘table’ return bar graphs instead
  • [OC-3045] – Custom Genric dashboard tactical overview widget not holding the grouping value on subsequent edits
  • [OC-3051] – Subnet Page Not loading, Crashing broweser
  • [OC-3062] – Viewing a utilization histogram for an inactive interface results in an “Internal Server Error” message
  • [OC-3073] – Fix for remote poller incorrectly adding devices
  • [OC-3089] – Passive checks remains OK even when polling fails
  • [OC-3133] – M365: Exceeded thresholds don’t link to graph
  • [OC-3137] – NOC View: ‘Since’ and ‘Duration’ columns not visible if Incident Description has lengthy characters.
  • [OC-3139] – NOC View: Business workflow not showing when it is in Aggregation
  • [OC-3174] – M365 Generic DB- Layout Issue preview Narrow side.
  • [OC-3197] – Performance graphs for the device Wont Load
  • [OC-3211] – Fix for Auto-Disable Only Half Disabling
  • [OC-3223] – Fix for Bad Credentials for VCenter not Triggering an Alarm
  • [OC-3224] – Fix for Hyper-V hosts device types not alarming on Device Polling Checks
  • [OC-3232] – Auto-config rule for “Disable Device’ needs to completely disable a device
  • [OC-3271] – WMI device “Complete Debug polling” output also prints “Couldn’t require Netreo::Poller::PacketShaper……………..”
  • [OC-3283] – Passive check for logging rule not working
  • [OC-3291] – User partitions no longer filtering active/open incidents in v12.2
  • [OC-3296] – CustomDB Site – Not loading widget data for site custom db.
  • [OC-3298] – Custom map widget is not working.
  • [OC-3304] – SNOW Webhook Injecting Tenant ID information
  • [OC-3332] – Histograms are not working
  • [OC-3335] – IpTel Dashboard Blank Following update to OCv12.2.14
  • [OC-3339] – Device Admin: Editing Interface threshold getting “database error”
  • [OC-3361] – Software update fails in upgrading from 12.2.14 to 12.2.15
  • [OC-3362] – Re-configuring HA is not working.
  • [OC-3370] – Tables in Performance tab always show ‘No Data’
  • [OC-3371] – Database error thrown
  • [OC-3374] – Virtualization Dashboard is not loading, getting “Error (#4) An internal server error occurred.”
  • [OC-3376] – Rename Custom Report’s Section name gives db error.
  • [OC-3377] – Showing Error message while adding any report to existing custom reports.

Feature Updates

  • [OC-3268] – Create temporary ServiceNow listener
  • [OC-3344] – Error When Enabling/Disabling hardware usage threshold on Linux Hard Disk Usage

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.