OmniCenter 12.2.16

Release Date: Oct. 6, 2020

OmniCenter release 12.2.16 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-2630] – Juniper Router device type has firewall icon assigned
  • [OC-2710] – Notification logs PDF truncates Information
  • [OC-2743] – Time format different between Service Engine Admin table and the respective Loggers or Exporters
  • [OC-2941] – Add logic to delete unused entries in logging.loggers table
  • [OC-3018] – Device under management page not showing polling in real time
  • [OC-3019] – Virtualization Default thresholds not showing the affected device in the title of incident
  • [OC-3107] – When Testing SNMP, Long OIDs obscure the Results
  • [OC-3158] – Device Performance API ‘/devices/data-per-instance’ endpoint returning performance data for wrong performance category.
  • [OC-3286] – Partners VMware host and guest have massive polling gaps and not showing data in some cases, RRDs contain NaNs but API returns data
  • [OC-3325] – wlc_poller crashing because of mysql timeout
  • [OC-3333] – Configuration management rules set not detecting violations
  • [OC-3337] – Alerts –> Syslog & SNMP Trap Alerting Page link is broken
  • [OC-3342] – Compliance configuration rule logging false rule violations when dealing with nested context
  • [OC-3363] – Inventory Report shows Multiple Serial Numbers for a device in Same row
  • [OC-3366] – Netapp Filer API Poller is missing LUN information
  • [OC-3368] – Notification Log- Not showing the incident ID in CSV output file.
  • [OC-3384] – Custom Dashboards do not respect sort preference
  • [OC-3386] – Unable to zoom into histograms
  • [OC-3387] – Strategic Group Status API Gives “An internal server error occurred.” Message
  • [OC-3395] – Database Error on Auto Discovery Admin PAge
  • [OC-3404] – Datastore information is not getting populated in Virtualization Administration page.
  • [OC-3405] – Unable to edit Threshold for a Datastore, getting “An internal server error occurred.”
  • [OC-3407] – “An internal server error occurred.” when accessing Datastore from Virtualization Admin page.
  • [OC-3428] – Not Getting Email Alerts

Feature Updates

  • [OC-3294] – Merge ability to add multiple organization to on-perm
  • [OC-3311] – Make outbound CMDB communication use existing proxy plumbing in Network Configuration

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.