OmniCenter 12.2.9

Release Date: July 2, 2020

OmniCenter maintenance release 12.2.9 is now available with the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • [OC-2206] – SCOM Operations manager alert service check adding additional SCOM alarms to already existing SCOM alarm with associated incident
  • [OC-2379] – Fix for VeloCloud Metrics Poller Esxcessive Resource Usage
  • [OC-2380] – Fix For Velo Cloud Status Check Using Too Much Resources
  • [OC-2662] – Audit Log Information
  • [OC-2831] – Functional groups appear on trend dashboard under ‘business workflows’
  • [OC-2833] – Added Many Custom report drop down is not changing to Scroll bar.
  • [OC-2858] – Service Engine I/O read writes not showing in SE device dashboard
  • [OC-2875] – Sorting is not happening for the Lite device column as TypeName
  • [OC-2876] – Toggle instead of YES/NO it is ON/OFF
  • [OC-2885] – M365: Remove “Activations” graph from Microsoft 365 Insight
  • [OC-2886] – M365: Comment out backend plumbing related to Activations graphic
  • [OC-2891] – Lite Device: Disable copying Singleton poller for Lite device if it has added with 5 singleton pollers.
  • [OC-2892] – Device Type Admin : Need alignment on Toggle buttons
  • [OC-2893] – Lite : Getting “Integrity constraint violation (#23000)” in copying Interface Poller from Lite device
  • [OC-2921] – M365: Getting “Netreo has encountered a database error.” while viewing Incident’s history log detail.

Feature Updates

  • [OC-2550] – Add per process CPU for Service Engine
  • [OC-2687] – Need to work done for NCP-331 added to on-prem release
  • [OC-2693] – Add new column to show Lite device type in Polling Administration
  • [OC-2694] – Add new toggle ‘Lite Monitoring’ to create device types view
  • [OC-2695] – Add new icon or overlay to show the device type is Lite monitoring
  • [OC-2696] – Remove extra poller options from editing poller view
  • [OC-2698] – Update license script to return new lite monitoring count
  • [OC-2700] – Update license administration page
  • [OC-2701] – Add logic to generic device dashboard to display statistics by attribute
  • [OC-2702] – Enable Lite Monitoring through auto-discovery
  • [OC-2714] – Update traffic report to display Ipv6 address if exist in raw_netflow table
  • [OC-2757] – Update Service Engine status check to look for db corruption
  • [OC-2758] – Update used memory stats to exclude buffer in cache
  • [OC-2856] – Add addition dropdown options to Create Remote Collector page
  • [OC-2614] – Aruba WLC Poller
  • [OC-2615] – Need to create a Packetshaper traffic rate poller

Customers are able to update their systems by navigating to Administration > System > Updates, or by request to Netreo Support. Please contact Netreo Support if you would like your OmniCenter server updated or if you have any questions about this release.